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Commanders Message:

Commanders Message:

Greetings Coon Valley American Legion Family

Officially spring is here. The other day I looked out my living room window, we live on the fourth floor of Salzer Square, and counted 11 robins sitting in the branches of the tree. The next day the branches were full of snow. But it will get here, and Memorial Day will be fast approaching. We are busy making plans and I would like to remind everybody that has something to do with that sacred day to start planning. It takes a big team effort every year and we are grateful for your support.

At our last Post meeting we voted to support the Trout fest this year by hosting a kickoff Pancake Breakfast on the morning of Saturday, July 28. We voted to give the Trout fest committee 20% of the profits and it is their responsibility to handle the advertising. We voted to use our 80% to go towards the purchase of a defibrillator for our clubrooms due to the many public events held there. Please mark this date in your calendars, and please support this community wide event.

Work has started on the south entrance to the clubrooms, and is estimated to be about a $2,000.00 project. Will be completed before Memorial Day. We are also looking at a project to improve the barroom entryway. Stay tuned. Also, the barroom project, paneling, ceiling, etc. will be completed soon. Thanks to everyone involved in all these projects.

April is the month we will make nominations for the election to be held in May. Remember, if you are running for office, we have no campaign finance limits. You can buy all the beer you want.

I will leave you with one more nugget of knowledge: "Being old is like being a dog. The high points of the day are scratching, peeing, and watching for the mailman."

Frank Mathison, Commander Post 116

Badger Boys State

Congratulations to Ronald Inglett for his selection to attend Badger Boys State! Ron is the son of Patti Inglett and is a resident of Coon Valley. We look forward to hearing about your experience at Badger Boys State!


Adjutant Notes

American Flags For Sale From The Legion

Don’t forget that Post 116 has flags available for sale to any member as well as anyone in our Community or beyond. This can be a great fundraiser for the American Legion so spread the word and don’t forget the Legion when you need to order a flag. The 3’ x 5’ flags are $25.00.

Proper Disposal Of The American Flag

There is a proper ceremony for the disposal of the American Flag, which usually involves collecting up all of the unserviceable flags, an inspection by the Sergeant at Arms followed by burning. Such an event was held on September 11th at Chaseburg Post 202. We had our flags retired at this ceremony. We collect flags from throughout the community through our flag disposal drop box. It is located in the parking lot at the southwest corner of the banquet hall. Please use this for disposing your flags and let your friends and neighbors know about this as well.

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