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Happy Holidays! I would like to thank the volunteers who help make the legion a success this year. This is our last newsletter getting mailed so we need your email address for future newsletter. We will send a newsletter if you do not have an email address, please let us know that too. We are going candy packing this year on meeting night at 630 and delivering to the school on the December 18th. We are sending shut-ins and people in nursing homes a Christmas card and money instead of fruit baskets this year. We are trying a $100 raffle this year, please help support the legion to make it a success. We will discuss at the meeting if we will be doing Superbowl breakfast, Palm Sunday breakfast and County banquet. Lets try the buddy system, call a fellow veteran during the holidays to make sure they are doing fine. See you at the next meeting.

Mike Miller, Commander Post 116

Up and coming Fundraiser Notice:

The body approved last meeting to have a fundraising to have 200 tickets sold at $100 a piece. Come to this December meeting and get tickets to sell, sell, sell!! The body was con-cerned that the communication of this event needed to get out! Read below to be informed of this event as follows:

Ticket will show this in the front of the ticket:

Coon Valley American Legion Post 116

100 Year Anniversary Raffle (proceeds to go towards flood recovery loan)

Drawing held at Coon Valley American Legion at 1pm on Sunday, March 21, 2021

1st—$5,000 6th—$500

2nd—$3,000 7th—$500

3rd—-$2,000 8th—$250

4th—-$1,000 9th—$250

5th—-$750 10th—15th—-$100

Need not be present to win 200 tickets sold $100 per ticket

Nordic Meats will sponsor paying cost making up the tickets!! Thank you!!


Letter sent to Commander Miller/Post 116 Members as follows:

Many thanks for the gift card!

It doesn’t seem like 75 years since the war ended, but then when I recall what has gone on in that time there has been a bunch of changes. Back then the war ended-everyone was hap-py– everyone was together and all for the country. These days it seems if you look for people who put country first you have to look at groups like the American Legion—Keep up the good work!

I was lucky enough to be home on a recuperation furlough on VJ Day-what a time that was. When the war started Jack Sheetz from the cavalier put away some cases of champaign and said they would be opened when the war ended. That night he set bottles of it the length of the bar and said "Have Fun!". I was told that I didn’t make it home that night!!! The fol-lowing night things got back to normal and there were church services everywhere– that's when the real heroes were remembered—those who never made it home.

This thing called age keeps me from getting to an occasional legion meeting. If anyone is driving down there from LaCrosse, give me a shout at #788-1030, and I’ll try to make it.

All the best to everyone and have a great holiday season!

Larry "LP" Pinski

October Calendar Raffle Drawing Winners:

October 1st: Steve Vance

October 16th: Ron Semann, Lax.

October 2nd: Terry Jorstad

October 17th: Sara Mikshowsky, Banger

October 3rd: Mary J. Hess

October 18th: Ron Miller, CV

October 4th: Deb Primmer, Viroqua

October 19th: Don Langaard, Viroqua

October 5th: Kurt Helgeson, CV

October 20th: Michelle Dickinson, TX

October 6th: Bruce King

October 21st: Cynthia Lisney, CV

October 7th: Phil Strand, Westby

October 22nd: Sue Ann Hanson, Sheboygan

October 8th: Harlan Helseth

October 23rd: Phil Strand, Westby

October 9th: Alan Haakenson

October 24th: George Kendall, Viroqua

October 10th: Rod Ofte

October 25th: David Kuchinechi, Chaseburg

October 11th: Sandy Jorgenson, Chaseburg

October 26th: Charles Nelson, CV

October 12th: Charles Lind

October 27th: Ava Helseth, Westby

October 13th: Chad Hofslien

October 28th: Arlyn Jorstad, Chaseburg

October 14th: Ken Philips, CV

October 29th: Jayme Hanson, Viroqua

October 15th: David Verse

October 30th: Chrystal Anderson, Chaseburg

October 31st: Nate Campbell, Viroqua


Congress and the White House agree to expand definition of war eras to include all who served since Dec. 7, 1941.

More than 1,600 members of the U.S. Armed Forces were killed or wounded in periods of time not designated as war eras since the end of World War II. The newly signed Let Everyone Get Involved in Opportunities for National Service Act of 2019 – The LEGION Act – honors those veterans, their spouses and descendants, extending membership eligibility in The American Legion Family to hundreds of thousands who had previously been excluded. The LEGION Act offers American Legion membership eligibility to any U.S. military veteran who served at least one day of active military duty since Dec. 7, 1941, and was honorably discharged or is serving now. The act also affects membership in the American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion, expanding eligibility for those groups, as well.

Details, Details, Details….


New membership 2021 year is going on now, please pay your dues on-line on or mail in at the Legion mailing address, pay them right away, then your done with it!!

By now, you should be receiving your membership renewal notice for the 2021 membership year. Please attend to renewing your membership as soon as possible. If you have a computer, tablet or smart phone, you can renew online at or if that is more convenient for you. The "Renew" tab is at the top of the web page. You can use the online renewal feature to submit payment of your annual membership dues, set your account up for automatic renewal using your credit or debit card and to eliminate paper renewal notices by setting your account to have your renewal notices delivered via e-mail.

The American Legion remains the most powerful voice in America on behalf of Veterans, their families and communities across the nation. By renewing your membership, you are helping to ensure that Veterans’ continue to receive the benefits that they are entitled to.

Paid up for Life!  See here! for PDF file to download

New membership 2021 year started last Fall, please pay your dues on-line on or mail in at the below address, pay them right away, then your done with it!! Or you can pay at the monthly meeting!

Please make your check payable to C.V. Legion Post 116 in theamount of $40.00 and send to: Coon Valley American Legion Post 116, PO Box 314, Coon Valley, WI 54623

Membership Totals to Date

2021 Paid Membership - 140

2021 Membership Goal– 186



Bucket Drawing: 

No winner!

Next Month meeting $60

50/50 Drawing: no drawing


Post 116 News:

As many of you are aware, Coon Valley Post #116 turns 100 years old in 2021. I am cur-rently in the process of creating a history book to capture our accomplishments and highlights over the past 100 years. This history book will be unlike previous histories that we have done, because it will contain a lot of photos and will be quite comprehen-sive. We will have copies for sale next year for those interested.

We would like your assistance, so please contact me if you have any photos or docu-ments or news clippings that you feel should be included in the book. Please do not pro-crastinate, but, contact me as soon as possible so your item or items can be included.

Frank Mathison-Post Historian




Post 116 News:

October Calendar Raffle is $20 a spot and up to 500 tickets sold, 31 winners at $100 each day, tickets will be distributed at legion events.

Legion Jackets are being ordered soon! Let Charlie Nelson know what size you want at the August Legion meeting or call him at #608-317-7065. Cost will be around $80.

New membership year, another option to pay online at!

Will be selling sweet corn donated by Coon Creek Feeds (please thank Mr. Kazenga), planned for August 23rd Chicken Q.

Memorial Site News! The granite is ordered! Questions on the memorial can go to Coon Area Veterans Committee President Charlie Nelson.



Adjutant Notes

American Flags For Sale From The Legion

Don’t forget that Post 116 has flags available for sale to any member as well as anyone in our Community or beyond. This can be a great fundraiser for the American Legion so spread the word and don’t forget the Legion when you need to order a flag. The 3’ x 5’ flags are $25.00.

Proper Disposal Of The American Flag

There is a proper ceremony for the disposal of the American Flag, which usually involves collecting up all of the unserviceable flags, an inspection by the Sergeant at Arms followed by burning. Such an event will be held on September 11th at Chaseburg Post 202 and  Hillsboro Vernon County Meeting

. We had our flags retired at this ceremony. We collect flags from throughout the community through our flag disposal drop box. It is located in the parking lot at the southwest corner of the banquet hall. Please use this for disposing your flags and let your friends and neighbors know about this as well.

Legion Jackets

Legion Jackets are being ordered soon! Let Charlie Nelson know what size you want at the August Legion meeting or call him at #608-317-7065. Cost will be around $80.




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