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Commanders Message:

May is here and our lives are in full swing now, dance recitals, baseball and softball games, track, golf, confirmation, band and choir concerts, graduation, all kinds of meetings, and yes, Memorial Day!

I’m very excited about Memorial Day coming up, this excitement comes from being involved with the planning and preparation of this event! There is a lot of behind the scenes preparation, planning, and work that goes into getting ready for this program. Tonight I opened the storage shed doors for the boy scouts to get to our crosses that we use for our Memorial Day program, so they could paint them. They did the work with a lot enthusiasm and I was very proud of them for their good work. Make sure you thank the boy scouts and leaders for painting our crosses! There are many more thank you to go out, but I just wanted to give you a flavor of what’s going on now to get ready for May 27th. The people I’ve been working with don’t do it for the notoriety or thank you, they do it for our veterans, they want to have a great program that respects our falling veterans and show we remember their sacrifice.

See enclosed letter for times on Memorial Day, but I want to bring up after our program we all will go to the legion hall and enjoy a free meal. The auxiliary will be serving free hot dogs and barbeques, with all the fixings. We are asking people to bring cake for the desert please! We are doing this year only to say "Thank you" in a small way, to the public for their support during our flood damage. Everyone did what they could for us and we appreciated that very much! We will tap a couple of half barrels of beer too! So please come to the legion afterwards, stay and enjoy our hospitality…

I want to congratulate Gordon Hellwig, 50 years of continuous membership in the American Legion! We salute you and love being with you though-out the year!

Steve Nelson, Commander Post 116

Memorial Day (Monday, May 27) Schedule

Honor Guard and Firing Squad meet at Legion at 7am.

Other members meet at Legion Hall at 7:30am to get chairs from Village Hall and set-up! These people need to set-up grand stand, crosses, flag stands, PA System, and other needs…

Parade Line up at 10am, parade at 10:30am.

Cemetery Times:

7:30am Koethe

7:45 Mormon Coulee (Both cemeteries)

8:15 St. Joseph Ridge

9:30 Esofea

10:00 Coon Valley Lutheran Church


Chicken Fryers 6am-until done!

Wesley Guy Carl Holte Tom Elsen Mike Miller Charlie Nelson

Brian Janes Gordon Hellwig Ron Miller Steve Nelson PK?

Bartenders 10am-1:30: Gary Grethel

1:30-5pm: Matt Semke

Food Tickets 10am-1:30pm: Frank Mathison

1:30-5pm: Steve Vance

Tipboards/Raffle items 11am-3pm: Ron Hoff, Jody Kliscz and Wally Cox


Badger Boys State will be June 8th-15th in Ripon College and our delegate will be Devin Nelson. Congratulations, Devin! Proud parents: Charlie and Kim Nelson!!

Badger Girls State will be in June in Oshkosh and our delegate will be Anna Ofte. Congratulations, Anna! Her parents are Rod and Deb Ofte.


Details, Details, Details….


By now, you should have received your membership renewal notice for the 2019 membership year. Please attend to renewing your membership as soon as possible. If you have a computer, tablet or smart phone, you can renew online at if that is more convenient for you. The "Renew" tab is at the top of the web page. You can use the online renewal feature to submit payment of your annual membership dues, set your account up for automatic renewal using your credit or debit card and to eliminate paper renewal notices by setting your account to have your renewal notices delivered via e-mail.

The American Legion remains the most powerful voice in America on behalf of Veterans, their families and communities across the nation. By renewing your membership, you are helping to ensure that Veterans’ continue to receive the benefits that they are entitled to.

Membership Totals to Date

2019 Paid Membership - 170

2019 Membership Goal– 186

Military Pranks

Many of us, when were "newbies" and didn’t have a whole lot of experience in the military, had pranks pulled on us in a good-natured way of "initiating" us into the unit. Some pranks pulled were: sending new person after a bucket of steam, 100 ft of flight line, left-handed monkey wrench, or relative bearing grease. Another prank is the "Sea Bat", where the crew on a ship has a mop bucket turned upside down and everyone is standing around looking at it. When new guy shows up and is naturally curious, the crew has him kneel down and peer under the bucket when the nearest deckhand grabs a wet mop and whacks the new guy across his backside! How many stories like this can we collect? If you have one, let me know!

Bucket Drawing:  Dan Jacobson

50/50 Drawing:  Not done in April

Adjutant Notes

American Flags For Sale From The Legion

Don’t forget that Post 116 has flags available for sale to any member as well as anyone in our Community or beyond. This can be a great fundraiser for the American Legion so spread the word and don’t forget the Legion when you need to order a flag. The 3’ x 5’ flags are $25.00.

Proper Disposal Of The American Flag

There is a proper ceremony for the disposal of the American Flag, which usually involves collecting up all of the unserviceable flags, an inspection by the Sergeant at Arms followed by burning. Such an event was held on September 11th at Chaseburg Post 202. We had our flags retired at this ceremony. We collect flags from throughout the community through our flag disposal drop box. It is located in the parking lot at the southwest corner of the banquet hall. Please use this for disposing your flags and let your friends and neighbors know about this as well.

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